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Easy Ways to Clean Rubber Gym Mats

Your home gym or commercial gym can get messy, especially when you’re exercising. That’s where rubber gym mats can help protect you from exposed floor surfaces that the soil and dust could cause problems. As you work out and sweat, dirt, and another residue will stick to your rubber gym floor, which could damage it over time. Maintaining your floors isn’t hard with the right supplies. Keep reading for our best tips on cleaning up the mess so your floors can handle another workout session!

Things to Remember

You can spot clean dirt and dust with a broom or vacuum, but for stains, we recommend spraying them with glass cleaner.

Clean your rubber gym with a neutral pH cleaner. Try not to use homemade cleaner because excess PH levels or extremely acidic solutions can cause damage.

Deep clean the surface of the gym with the electric scrubber to remove the Dirt and the sweet. in the rubber. Use this electric machine once or twice a week to clean the rubber mats thoroughly and remove any built-up dirt that can cause tripping hazards or tear easily.

There Are Following Three Methods to Clean Rubber Gym Mats

Method 1: Spot Cleaning

Step 1: Sweep daily to get rid of dirt: Vacuum or sweep you floors every day to remove dust, debris and dirt. Use a broom with soft bristles if sweeping the floor. Never use a vacuum with a hard brush since it could damage your floors.

Step 2: Use of Plastic Scrapper: For stubborn gum, lightly wet the material with synthetic remover and leave it for a few mins. Then try coming at it with your scraper.

Step 3: Treating with Cleaner: To remove stains from your rubber gym mats, mist the area with glass cleaner till it’s damp. Wipe up the extra cleaner and then let it air dry. Once the cleaner dries out, use the towel to buff the surface till it gets clean or dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Disinfect the Floor: After all the cleaning, look forward to the neutral floor disinfectant. Apply it on the sponge or mop, and apply it over the floor. Leave it to dry or leave it for 10 to 20 mins and wipe it off.

Method 2: Mopping

Step 1: Mix warm water with Neutral cleaner: Put a little water in your mop bucket and add a couple of ounces of the neutral PH cleaner. Stir it up with your mop until you get it thoroughly mixed together. This is a great cleaning solution that won’t damage your rubber gym mats like harsher chemicals might over time.

Step 2: Wipe floor with sponge: wipe your floor with the damp sponge in the cleaning solution then clean the whole place leaving no corners or sides behind>

Step 3: Leave floor with Solution: Let the solution sit on your gym floor for 5–10 minutes to give it time to kill germs and bacteria that are present on the surface. If you notice the cleaner drying, move on to the next step and rinse off with water.

Step 4: Wipe the floor with a damp mop: Once you’ve got the floor wet, start mopping back and forth over it to lift up the cleaner. be careful while cleaning don’t leave a water pool on the rubber gym mats or flooring because it may soak or excess water can cause changes in the mats

Step 5: Allow the Rubber mat to get air dry: After rinsing, you can use a fan or dryer to help speed up the drying process. If you’re impatient, you can also wipe the floors dry with towels.

Step 6: Daily and Weekly Cleanliness: Maintaining your gym floor is critical to prevent the spread of germs and other diseases. Make sure to follow all processes in order to maintain rubber gym mats cleaning and hygiene.

Method 3: Deep cleaning with Electric Scrubber

Step 1: Use soft bristles to an electric scrubber: To clean rubber flooring, you need an auto-scrubber with soft bristles.for rubber gym mats cleaning, all you need is an electric scrubber machine with rotating pads that dispense and clean the water. One thing you need to focus on is that the electric scrubber should be a brush with soft bristle rather than the abrasive cause that can form scratches and damage the rubber mats.

Step 2: Fill up the machine with water and nice cleaner. Add warm water to the tank with a few once of neutral ph cleaner; therefore, you can disinfect the area and clean it thoroughly

Step 3: Cover the whole rubber area: It is advisable to start your automatic scrubber at the far corner of the room, furthest from the door. By starting this way, you get maximum cleaning time before you have to move it back.

Step 4: Be sure to clean your gym floor regularly with an automatic scrubber, at least once per week. This helps keep your rubber floor in good condition and will help prevent diseases such as MRSA and HIV. If your gym is used for a lot of foot traffic, it may be beneficial to use your automatic scrubber daily.

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