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    #1 choice in hobart for the best results in grout & tile cleaning, restoration, repairs, sealing or polishing. Our residential and commercial clients use our tile & grout services with confidence, knowing that they will receive the very best in terms of service, price and results. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!



    Hobart Stone Cleaning, Restoration, Repairs, Sealing

    Have you tried stone cleaning for hours with no luck? To have your stone properly cleaned, give us a call right away. The  harshest stains on stone surfaces are no match for our skilled expert team. The discolouration and staining of natural stone countertops and floors are noticeable over time. Natural stone is an absorbent substance, meaning it collects stains and pollutants quickly. As a result, the surface becomes dirty no matter how hard you try to keep it clean.

    Experts in Stone Tile Cleaning remove unsightly imperfections from backsplashes, countertops, shower areas, floors, stairwells, and other stone surfaces. We extract all types of stains to make your surface shine like new because we are pros in the cleaning industry.

    Our expert team has gained years of stone restoration experience, and Stone Tile Cleaning has operated on Hobart’s most famous historical landmarks, monuments, churches, and buildings. As a result, our professionals are well-versed in a range of chemicals and detergents. That is why, to restore a stone surface to its natural state, we use the best cleaning product available.

    You are not responsible for the costs of replacing a damaged stone. Give us a call before you do so, and we’ll come to your location. Our restoration service restores the broken stone by repairing and polishing it professionally. Our team meticulously restores the stone surface to prevent further damage. Sealant, trimming, and grouting are some of the most frequent repairing processes. To previously damaged areas, we apply a smooth finish.

    We use only the highest-quality sealants at Stone Tile Cleaning. As a result, your stone will look pristine for ages. You will find it easier to clean it whenever you wish. To remove all types of residue, we utilise an effective sealing technique. Furthermore, expert sealing makes it easier to remove the residue in the future with minimal effort.



    Hobart Marble Cleaning, Restoration, Repairs, Sealing, Polishing

    If you’re looking for the best marble cleaning service in Hobart, you’ve come to the right place. We have extensive experience cleaning marble countertops, splashbacks, floors, and other surfaces. Our professionals have considerable experience cleaning all types of marble surfaces after completing hundreds of cleaning projects.

    Marble is a complex material to work with since it is a solid crystalline metamorphic rock formed of calcium carbonate. It comes in a variety of colours and originates from various areas. It takes experience, expertise, and technical understanding to clean it effectively. However, if you take better care of it, it can last for years.

    To avoid any negative impacts on your marble flooring, we prefer to use natural cleaning products. Under any condition, they are practical and entirely safe for use. When stains cannot be removed using a natural ingredient, commercial-grade cleaning products are applied.

    As our marble restoration method makes your floor immaculate, it’s time to remove all deep wounds and unsightly scratches. All stains generated by heavy foot traffic are removed. Different degrees of grinding assist in sanding the marble and creating a gleaming, flat surface. The floor shines, thanks to our excellent polishing processes brilliantly. The lustre lasts for several months on the surface.

    Marble can be repaired and sealed to make it more durable. Call our specialists to repair and seal damaged marble surfaces if you’ve recently moved into a new home. We restore and seal the surface after removing dirt particles and residues from microscopic pores. Before we apply the sealing, we must remove all stains and spots. In our toolbox, we have A-grade sealants. It guarantees you won’t have to worry about the materials we use during the repair procedure being of poor quality.

    Remember that without professional help, you won’t be able to clean, repair, or seal your home. So, without any further ado, give us a call right away!



    Hobart Granite Cleaning, Restoration, Repairs, Sealing

    Granite surfaces have a lovely presence and add to the overall aesthetic of your home. Unfortunately, although they appear to be flawless, most granite surfaces lose their lustre over time. Dirt, bacteria, residue, watermarks, and dust particles all significantly impact the brilliance.

    Cleaning using traditional equipment regularly will not remove stubborn stains and spots. To get them fixed and see your granite as good as new, you’ll need the assistance of a specialist.

    Granite restoration services are provided by Stone Tile Cleaning, which includes deep cleaning and bacteria removal. Hard water, bacteria, grime, and build-up are all removed from the granite flooring. As a result, hundreds of happy clients can be found in Hobart and other major Australian regions.

    The cleaning solutions we use remove filth, grime, and residue from all types of granite surfaces. We make sure that the cleaning agents we employ do not harm your floors or countertops.

    Is your granite surface looking strange? Are you in need of a restoration service? By not replacing the broken part, we can help you save money. Our restorations give your surface a spotless appearance. You won’t need to replace your entire floor. Let us know, and our team will come to your location to inspect and restore your property. Following the cleaning of your granite surface, we seal it with high-quality sealers. You won’t have to wait hours for it to dry because it dries quickly. That procedure coats the surface with a solid protective coating that protects it against leaks and cracks.

    The final step is to polish your granite surface to make it look new and gleaming. We rejuvenate your granite with skilled polishing services, no matter how many years have gone since you first installed it. Our professionals work tirelessly to restore the brilliance you saw at the start.



    Stone Restoration & Repairs

    We all know that natural stones and concrete structures offer a unique look and feel to any property. But, if not taken care of correctly, they can be subject to difficulties such as scaling/spalling, cracking/fracturing, erosion and deterioration of the colour.

    If you are experiencing damage to your stone patio due to weather, water, or other elements, it is crucial that you call us for service right away. We will make sure your property does not get damaged further. We have years of experience in repairing and restoring stone patios and other stone surfaces.

    We provide the highest quality workmanship in all our projects, guaranteeing that your property will look new again. Our team has years of experience restoring stone walls and roofs to give you the best value for your money. With our comprehensive experience in the field, we know what it takes to restore your property to its former glory with an affordable price tag.

    Stone Tile Cleaning provides residential and commercial stone restoration services on an extensive range of properties across the country. We are known for our exceptional customer service that ensures satisfaction with every service we provide. We give free estimates on all of our projects, so you’ll never be stuck trying to figure out what we can do to help you succeed. 



    Marble Cleaning & Polishing

    Marble is a porous natural stone, and thus dirt and grime will accumulate on the surface. This dirt and grime can cause problems for marble surfaces, such as:

    • scratches appearing on the surface of the stone
    • unsightly stains appearing on the surface
    • an uneven surface appearance for any property with marble

    If you face any of these issues, Stone Tile Cleaning Company is here to help you get rid of them. Marble cleaning and marble polishing is a difficult task. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use a company for this process, such as the company’s professionalism, quality of work, and customer service.

    Stone Tile Cleaning Company has a high level of professionalism, and the quality of our work is delivered on time for all our customers. We are always on time with our appointments, we never miss our promises, and we never stop until you are satisfied with the results.

    We also provide excellent customer service to ensure that you get your marble cleaning done the way you want it to be done.

    Our company has been in the industry for years, and we provide top-quality services for our residential and commercial clients. We offer a number of services that include marble cleaning and polishing, tile restoration, granite repair, stone cleaning, and more. 


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    Before scheduling an appointment, you might be having a few queries running in your mind. Here are commonly asked questions.

    Not at all. We offer free professional consultation when you contact us to get your surface area cleaned. There are no hidden charges.

    Yes, our team is always willing to satisfy your cleaning requirements in almost all areas of Adelaide. However, get your area confirmed when you speak to us.

    surface. On the other side, porcelain tiles need a different cleaning treatment. Granite is not a porous material and it doesn’t absorb so much water, oils, greases, and other stains. We have special equipment to remove the grime and polish the

    At Stone Tile Cleaning, customer safety is beyond everything. Our experts never use any toxic to clean your surface. We rely on cleaning solutions that are perfectly safe for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

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